Sweethearts Original Conversation Hearts 2 pack or 36ct box


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These timeless classics started way back in 1847, Oliver Chase invented a machine to cut wafer candies that we all know as Necco Wafers. In 1866 Olivers brother invented a machine that worked like a stamp to imprint into the pieces of candy. Necco’s Conversation Hearts hit the US market shelves in 1901, and in 1939 a competitor candy co. in Wisconsin, Stark Candy Co. produced a similar product in competition with Necco, Necco eventually acquired Stark and its brands and continued to produce many iconic candies we have all known for Generations. Necco unfortunately went under in 2018, All brands were sold off to various Manufactures, and the Wafers and these timeless SweetHearts are now being produced by Spangler Candy Co in Bryan Ohio.

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